Chicken roll


Boneless chicken.                      400 gm

Kashmiri red chilli                        2 tbs

Ginger /garlic paste                      1 tbs

Chat masala.                                    1 tbs

Gram flour.                                       1 tbs

Oil                                                       8 tbs

Maida.                                                2 cup

Onion                                                 1 

Coriander leaves.                          1 tbs

Method:-1.Place chicken in a bowl ,add ginger ,garlic paste ,chat masala ,salt ,red chilli and mix it well .set aside to marinate chicken for 15_20 mins.

2.Add gram flour to the marinate chicken and mix well.

3.Heat oil in a pan ,add marinated chicken pieces and mix well. cook on high heat for 10 mins .remove from heat and set aside .

4.In a bowl add maida,water and salt and make a smooth paste .

5.Heat 1 tbs oil in a pan add a quarter portion of maida and make a roti and cooked well .prepare other rotis similarly . each rosted roti on a plate ,

place some chicken and once on it .sprinkle chat masala and coriander leaves and fold to make a roll  .and if you want so fry it again .

Its ready to serve .

Nutrition Facts:- 


Carbohydrate -74.2


Fat -86.3




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