Corn pudding 


Fresh corn kernels.              1 cup

Milk                                          500 ml

Cream                                      1 cup

Sugar.                                       1 cup

Butter                                       500 g

Cinnamon powder.             1/2 tbs


Mix the corn and milk and make into a fine puree.strain through   a fine muslin cloth.

Strain the corn /milk mixture through a fine mesh sieve into a pot .Discard the fibrous parts of the kernels that remain in the sieve 5p.

Take a thick  ,add the milk mixture ,butter and sugar  .bring to a boil and keep stirring on low flame .

Cook till it becomes thick like custard and should be able to see the bottom of the pan while stirring.

Remove from the stove and add cinnamon powder.

Quickly pour in small mould or cups.

allow it to cool and then refrigerator till chilled .serve cold.

Twist in the Taste

Add fruits like orange ,apple and kiwi to transform the corn pudding into a fruit dessert high 


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